Mobile Ads Drain Android Battery Life

A new study looked at Android’s top 5 apps and the effect they had on battery life. The researchers used a custom app to measure the battery drain of the top 5: Angry Birds, the New York Times Reader, MapQuest, Free Chess and the Android web browser. Click through to find out how each app scored.The apps were scored on overall battery drain, as well as the energy demands of specific actions within the app. The results showed that activity related to ad serving used the most power. Almost half of the power used by Angry Birds was used to track user data used in ad-serving algorithms (ex. tracking location). Free Chess uses up to 75% of its power for serving ads and tracking related user data.

Poor coding practices in ad modules are also a drain on battery life–many ad modules utilize the phone’s 3G connection for a longer amount of time than necessary. The researchers project that some apps could consume 65% less battery life if they revised the code of their ad modules.

Hopefully this research will lead to more efficiency in ad serving. You can read more about the research here.