Android Rooting Terms Explained

Here is a list of the most useful terms related to Android rooting and what they mean. Rooting might seem like a complicated process, but these terms will help explain it.

Root: gaining “root access” to your Android, which grants advanced privileges and lets you access all of the folders

ROM: a modified versions of Android–a hacked version of the OS with extra features or different functionality

Flash: flashing is installing something on your Android in the form of a ZIP file

Bootloader: the lowest level of software on the Android managing start-up (ie “boot up”) processes

Recovery: software that allows you to back up data and perform other system-level tasks

ADB: stands for Android Debug Bridge, a command line tool that lets your computer communicate to an Android connected to it

RUU/SBF: ROM Upgrade Utilities/System Boot Files–files from the manufacturer that change the software on your phone that deliver over-the-air upgrades