Do Not Buy Cheap Android Phones!

You might hear a lot of buzz about super-affordable Android devices: phones that cost south of $100 and tablets for less than $50. Pricing like this might lead a person to wonder–what is the catch? And there is a catch; click through to find out why you should stay away from cheap Android phones.

You’ll Hate Your Cheap Phone

Most cell phone manufacturers create devices in two tiers. Their top-of-the-line products are the most expensive, but they also receive the most consideration during the development process and generally run better. Everything else is churned out in an effort to reach all corners of the market. If you don’t want to deal with waiting forever for software updates or deal with more crashes and poorer performance, hold out for a top of the line phone.

“Expensive” phones aren’t that much more expensive

Because of cell phone service provider subsidies, the difference between a top tier phone and it’s bargain counterpart is only between $100 and $200. This isn’t a lot for a device you will probably be using for the next two years. In fact, broken down, it’s only $8 to $17 more a month.

You’ll be stuck with it

The carrier subsidy model also means that you’ll be locked into a phone and a contract for two years. If your cheap phone is a burden to use–some problems include more bloatware and inferior battery life–you’ll have to deal with it for a really long time. Or upgrade to a better model at full price. Better to make the right decision the first time around.

One caveat

A cheaper Android could be a good idea if you’re using a pay-as-you-go cell phone service or are looking for a second phone to use while traveling overseas. As long as you aren’t bound to the phone for any significant period of time, a lower-end model could work.

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