Improve Android Battery Life: 5 New Ways

Looking to extend your Android phone’s battery life and go even longer between charges? Click through for five new ways to get the most out of your Android battery.

1. Disable Adobe Flash. Although it’s great that Android phones can run flash (cough..iPhone…cough) this plugin consumes battery life. Go to Settings > Enable Plug-ins and set it to On Demand.

2. Reduce the size of your Microsoft Exchange email folder. If you’re connected to ME for corporate mail, reducing the size of the email folder to below 150 MB will prevent quick battery drain. Right click your inbox, the go to Properties > General > Folder Size. Archive or delete emails until the folder size is as desired.

3. Update your apps. The newest releases are usually re-tooled to consume less battery power if this is a common complaint to the developer.

4. Reduce e-mail, Twitter and Facebook polling. Set these apps to manual and you will extend battery life significantly. Constantly pinging for updates drains major battery power.

5. Check the reviews before you buy your next phone. Battery life varies between devices and manufacturers. Make sure that the reviewer has personally tested the battery life; don’t trust corporate claims alone.