Is Sonalight Android’s Answer to Siri?

Sonalight might be Android users’ long-awaited answer to iPhone’s virtual assistant Siri. Click through to find out more about Sonalight, which recently received funding from noted startup incubator Y-Combinator.

Sonalight vs. Siri

Siri functions as a user’s personal assistant. Users speak requests into their phones–ex. “find nearest grocery store” and Siri returns relevant, geo-targeted search results. Sonalight, while limited in its range of tasks, allows users to send and receive text messages without touching the phone. Once the app is opened, all functionality can be vocally controlled.

Texting While Driving

The founders of Sonalight wanted to create a completely hands-free and eyes-free way to control their phones while driving. Texting seemed like the obvious place to start. Once the technology is refined, the developers plan to apply it to other functions like e-mail, navigation and search. In the future, they want to expand to other devices like televisions and home appliances.

See Sonalight In Action