Make Your Android Smarter with Tasker

Imagine if your Android phone could automatically switch to silent when you entered a theater or meeting, or automatically adjust the volume if a loudmouth friend called you. With an app called Tasker, all this and more is possible. Click through to find out how to make your Android smarter than ever.

Download Tasker

Unfortunately, this app isn’t free. However, the developer does offer a 14-day free trial download. The cost for the full version is around $6 USD.

What you can do with Tasker

  • Set app preferences. Examples: adjust screen timeouts for apps that require long periods of reading, like your favorite newspaper’s tablet app. Automatically enable GPS for Foursquare.
  • Schedule tasks by day and time. Examples: schedule a daily backup of your SD card, increase default screen brightness at night, put your phone into airplane mode while you’re asleep.
  • Create rules for your contacts. Examples: specify push notifications for SMS from key people, turn down the volume when a loud friend calls.