Should I Root My Android?

As an Android owner, you have probably heard a lot of talk about “rooting” your phone. Some might claim that you can’t get the full Android experience without rooting, but there are risks involved too. Click through for some things to consider before you root.

It will void your warranty/insurance

Most cell phone manufacturers/carriers disable root for your own good–if you’re uninformed it could really mess things up. They also don’t want to take on the insurance risk of users with root access, so if you decide to go ahead you can kiss both of these protections goodbye.

It could “brick” your phone

This is an electronics term that means your phone can’t function at all–ie, it’s as useful as a brick. Rooting deals with key OS processes, so making a mistake can damage your $600+ phone beyond repair.

How computer-literate are you?

If you’ve perhaps messed around with the command prompt on your laptop/desktop or your idea of a fun weekend is configuring your PC to dual boot, then you’ll be comfortable with the Android rooting environment. If you have to call your intern every time you’re emailed a ZIP file, rooting is probably not a good idea for you.

You could pay someone else to do it, but…

If you live in a semi-populous metro area, you can probably find someone on Craigslist or other similar boards willing to root for less than $100. But always make sure these people offer continuing support and have references. As always, buyer beware.