What Can A Rooted Android Do?

What can a rooted Android do that a non-rooted Android can’t? Click through to find out some of the benefits of rooting your Android.

Here are some things you can only do with a rooted Android:

Get Custom ROMs

ROM stands for Read Only Memory. Custom Android ROMs refer to versions of the core Android OS that have been modified by developers. If you can find a ROM you trust, the benefits include more frequent updates (that catch bugs and security flaws) and–for developers–a community centered around open source development.

Get Custom Themes

Themes allow you to customize the look and format of your phone. Themes can change properties such as element height, color, font, font size and background. There are many stylish Android themes available online for download, but you can only use them if your phone is rooted.

Get the Latest OS

Have you been waiting forever for Android Ice Cream Sandwich to be released for your phone? If your phone was rooted you could have had it by now, assuming you had the technical know-how to install the latest version of the OS. The Android developer community also launches patches and updates, and with a rooted phone you won’t have to wait for your cell phone company to make them available.

Remove Bloatware

Even though Android is supposed to be the ultimate open source platform, that hasn’t stopped phone companies from loading their devices with unnecessary software and skins. Rooting is the only way to remove this software, which slows down your phone and eats away at your battery life.

Use Your Android as a WiFi Hotspot

One of the best features of a rooted phone is the ability to tether it via the Wireless Tether App. This transforms your phone into a wifi hotspot if you need to go online with your laptop but there is no other internet connection available. Note that this is technically against the rules for most data plans and will drain your battery fast.

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